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The Parson Red Heads

The Parson Red Heads


THE PARSON RED HEADS "Burning Up The Sky" (Live)

THE PARSON RED HEADS "Time Is Running Out" (Live)

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The ginger-haired Portland, OR band to release a deluxe version of Yearling featuring six bonus tracks and liner notes

(January 22, 2013; Second Motion Records)

Fall tour dates with Sera Cahoone Announced October 11, 2012:

Sometimes a great album slips through the cracks. Critics and astute music fans might find it, fellow musicians might rave about it and tell their friends, but the album has what you might call a slow burn. Such is the case with The Parson Redheads' album Yearling. With a new record in the works produced by legendary musician/ producer and all-around character Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellow, Minus 5, Baseball Project, R.E.M.) set for a 2013 release, The Parson Redheads will first release a deluxe version of Yearling on January 22, 2012 that will feature six bonus tracks and new liner notes. Check out their fall dates, including shows with Sub Pop artist Sera Cahoone below (scroll down for complete listing).

Released on a small Portland, OR label in 2011 and now out of print, Yearling's four-part harmonies, quietly compelling songs and wistful, Laurel Canyon-circa -71 sound are a find. Yearling has a timeless quality that continues and expands the classic pop-country-rock lineage stretching from The Byrds and Fleetwood Mac to the Jayhawks and Wilco. Songwriter/de facto bandleader Evan Way hears these reference points, but says the band feels a stronger musical kinship with their contemporaries such as Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Dawes and The Fruit Bats.

The record opens with "Burning Up the Sky," a perfect introduction to the band's warm vibe with its defining big vocal harmonies front and center. Way's songs celebrate appreciating your friends, living thoughtfully and creating a meaningful life, reflecting the maturity of a band whose members are in their mid-to-late 20's.

"There are love songs in there, but it's more about growing up, your memories and taking everything you've learned to make your life better," says Way. A 'yearling' is a horse between one and two years old. That one word captured the idea of something growing up. And the record took us a long time to make and we learned so much making it."

The Parson Red Heads formed in Eugene Oregon in 2003 and have lived in Portland since the fall of 2010. Between 2005-2010, they lived in Los Angeles, writing and taking every live show they could get, often playing four nights a week. That period led to Yearling, with its graceful songs and quietly finessed guitar lines, precise arrangements, and gorgeous three and four-part harmonies. It’s the sound of a band coming into their own, and stands as a document to the Red Heads’ commitment to be the best they can, both as people and as artists.

Track listing: * bonus tracks

Burning Up The Sky /
Hazy Dream /
When You Love Somebody
/ Unemotional
/ Time Is Running Out
/ Seven Years Ago
/ Kids Hanging Out
/ Happy We Agree
/ Hard To See The Light
/ I Was Only
Banking On The Sun
/ Another Chance *
Peace In The Valley *
Long Way Back *
Jenny *
Hold On *
Here It Comes Again *

Praise for The Parson Red Heads: "The four Red Heads' connection to and affection for each other is almost palpable in their four-part harmonies and graceful guitar lines." - NPR World Cafe Live "Next"

"The Parson Red Heads create a throwback 60's psychedelic folk for a new generation ... Long live the free and easy!" - Under The Radar

"The Parsons are doing their part to re-usher in the laid back retro-vibe that has been sorely missing from the L.A. scene since canyon rockers The Beachwood Sparks disappeared ..." - Aquarium Drunkard "harkens to a distinct time (oh, let's say 1971) and place (deep in the communal heart of Laurel Canyon), yet it never leans too heavily on the tired crutch of nostalgia." - Willamette Week

"This impossibly pretty gang of California love and harmony plays like Brian Wilson never lost his mind and instead spawned a new generation of composers to finish his teenage symphony to God ... imagine Fleetwood Mac making Rumours without the cocaine and wife-swapping." - LA Metromix

"The Red Heads' sanguine psych-folk crackles with jangling guitars and gorgeous harmonies and unbridled honesty; the first single "Burning Up the Sky" typifies the band's gimmick-free approach - classic songwriting, deftly executed." -


The Parson Redheads Tour Dates: ** w/ Sera Cahoone

TH Nov. 01 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir**

FR Nov. 02 - Pullman, WA - Bell Tower**

SA Nov. 03 - Garden City, ID - Visual Art Collective**

SU Nov. 04 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge**

MO Nov. 05 - Denver, CO - High Dive**

TU Nov. 06 - Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep**

WE Nov. 07 – Albuquerque, NM – Low Spirits

TH Nov. 08 - Tempe, AZ - Sail Inn**

SA Nov. 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Satellite**

SU Nov. 11 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room (inside Galaxy)

MO Nov. 12 - Sacramento, CA - Luigi's Fun Garden**

TU Nov. 13 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar**

FR Nov. 16 - Bellingham, WA – The Shakedown

SA Nov. 17 - Vancouver, WA – Media Club

For more information, contact: Propeller Publicity: Angie Carlson,; 718-387-1301